Monday, May 5, 2014

I don't think I have ever felt such joy in my whole life

We found the tree of life!
Dearest familia!

Wow, what a week.  This week we really put the batteries in and worked worked worked! Things with my companions are going better.  I am still not a fan of the sarcasm, and feeling like I am the joke of the companionship, but I have already told them how I feel.

This week I did two intercambios.  There are a few problems in the companionships we are working with.  One of the problems is between a trainer and her trainee.  The situation reminds me much of what I went through with a companion.  I gave my two cents of wisdom, and prayed that both sides could be open and honest to resolve their problems. But, I was able to work with the new sister, and explain to her how her companion is feeling.  I was able to laugh with her and show her that missionary work can be fun to, and gave her some suggestions and how she can help her companion even though she is new.

The other intercambio was a little dramatic, because one Hna definitely didn’t want me there, plus I was exhausted from my travels and the zone conference we had in Santiago that day.  But hey, I did what I could.  But, the new sister who is having problems with her comp (hna alonso is her name) now wants me to be her companion . . jaja.

My Posterity
Okay, now to the best part of the week.  Remember J & M who are married? Well, we had a noche do hogar with them this week, and we watched the 80s video called together forever. Afterwards we asked them what they thought about it, and J said "The video is true, cause that is exactly what our family is going through." The video was about a father who needed to get his priorities straight and put his family first.  Then M explained how J had little by little become more dedicated to his work and less and less dedicated to his family.  We then testified to them that the gospel would help them.  That they could have an eternal family. The spirit was so strong.

Then, on Sunday we waited in church for them, and they didn’t show up.  The sacrament was passed, and they didn’t show up.  The first few testimonies were shared, and they didn’t show up.  Then, about 20 minutes before the meeting ended they entered the chapel, and a member got up to help them find a seat.  I don’t think I have ever felt such joy in my whole life!  This is a family who is ready to accept the gospel and change.  They also attended gospel principles, and afterwards were talking to a recent convert.  He asked them how they like church, and J said that there was a peace here that couldn't be explained, and M said that in the chapel everyone was equal.  It was so awesome! We are going to visit them tonight.  I am so so excited.  They have fecha for 25 of may.  Changes are one week before that, so I don’t know if I will be here for their baptism, but I truly believe they will be baptized, maybe not on the 25th, but soon!

We are also working with a few other families, but J & M are the most likely to progress. But that was basically my week.  We are also doing a branch choir.  There are about 4 men who come, and I am teach them how to read music. Also I have to sing alto, cause no one knows how to sing a part that isn’t the melody.  But, with a lot of prayers, we might not brake the windows . . jajaja.  Today, we are going to the church with the other 6 sister from our branch and we are going to play ping pong and maybe basketball!  Fun stuff.  Also sister V wants me to bring my piano music so we can play together.  I love her so much. This calling has given me the wonderful chance to get to know so many amazing sisters. 
Welp, I love you all!  Thanks for your support and love.  
Con amor, 
Hna Ostler

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