Monday, May 12, 2014

Chile has truly become a part of me

Dear Familia,
So Skype was great!  Yeah, I can definitely see the ADD thing . . . . Jajaja.  It's like I just had so much to say, and so much I wanted to talk to you all about, but there is never time, and then when the moment comes to hang up, one feels as if they said a lot without really saying anything.  It’s interesting that you mentioned that I seem happy, cause I have been struggling this week.  This trio has been hard, but I guess when one prays for patience, the Lord sends a test of patience.  That's what this change has been for me, a test of patience, and I don’t know if I past. I am happy, cause I love the mission, and I do love my companions, sometimes I am just the most selfish, terrible person in the world, and I expect them to change instead of looking at myself and seeing what I can change.  This morning, I realized that I spent the last couple weeks seeing the mote in the eye of Hermana C, but I was blind to the beam in mine.

As I am coming to the end of my mission, I realize that I need to put in the batteries and really dedicate my heart to this work, cause like Jackson said, I am going to miss this.  Chile has truly become a part of me, and even now my eyes feel with tears as I think about leaving.  I will never be the same after this, because a part of me will always be here. Am I excited to come home and see you all again, yes!  Yesterday I was reminded how much I love each and every one of you, and how much I truly miss you all, but at the same time, I don’t know if I am ready to be done.  I lack so much learning.  There is so much changing that still needs to happen in me, and I don’t know if three months is enough.

Pero, bueno . . . Thats enough of that.

So, this week was pretty good.  I did two intercambios in catemu, one of the mini hick towns, and it was so fun!  I worked with Hermana Dodds, who was in Jacksons class in the MTC. She is such a hoot! Also, I did an intercambio with one of the new sisters.  She is from Mexico and very shy and reserved.  All the plans she had fell through, and she was devastated, until I reminded her that the worst thing that can happen when all the plans fall through, is that we have one day of knocking doors!  So thats what we did, and we found a few new people to teach.

So it will just be Hermana Arroyo and I for this last week.  I love Hermana Arroyo.  The only problem we have had is when she is more concerned about losing a friend than standing up for what is right.  But, there was one time when I talked to her about that, and I said that we were the sister leaders, and as such we need to stand up for what is right . . ALWAYS! Since then, it was better.  But still, it will be a great relief to just live with one companion again. Maybe we will start to see some real progress in the sector.

We had a great lesson with M & J this week.  We watched the DVD of the Restauracion and the spirit was so strong! E, the recent convert who speaks japones that you met yesterday, was there too. Both Hermana Arroyo and Hermana C cried, but I just couldn't stop smiling. The spirit just filled me with joy and gratitude for the miracle of the restoration. Both J & M felt the spirit and said that they knew what they say was true.  The seed that was planted has sprouted, and now it must be cared for lest it be lost.  Sadly, they didn’t come to church this week cause Maria was working. But I just know that they are going to progress.

Yesterday night, after talking with you guys, we went to a lesson with another family that we are teaching.  They are progressing more slowly cause they have a lot of doubts.  We taught the plan of salvation, and afterwards they had a ton of questions about the Mormon church, and it was super great to just sit there and help them understand better what we truly believe.

We also had our last interviews with president this week.  Sad! President Essig is truly a great president.  I realized that after hearing about all the stuff going on in Harrison's mission.  President Essig has always taught us to teach the 5 lesson after baptism, and it really surprised me when Harrison said awhile back that he had never done that.  President also is super obedient to all the mission rules, and expects the same of us. He has helped me progress, and taught me much.  I am truly going to miss him, but I think I will miss Sister Essig a little more. She is a hoot!

Meeting Lilly almost brought me to tears.  What a cutie! I still can’t believe that I am an aunt, thats just the best.

About Jefferson submitting papers, of course, he needs to ask God about it, but my opinion would be at least a little college first.  I am a strong believer in learning independence before the mission, cause in the mission your list of things to learn and improve on is so so so long, that putting independence there at the bottom of it just complicates your life.  But really, it is between him and God.

Okay, I think that is all I have to say, well, you know me, I could talk forever! But, I will save you from my rambling by signing off.  Thanks for everything.  Love you all!  And that is the truth!
Con Amor,
Hna Ostler

PD. Asi que, corre, corre, corre corazon! 

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