Monday, December 9, 2013

I smell every rose I come across

Dear Familia,
Wow, I can’t believe what is happening to Harrison, not because it is shocking that that kind of stuff happens in the mission, but because it sounds SO FAMILIAR!  The only difference is that with my comp, she was more obedient.  But, the Lord sends challenges to those who are ready to progress.  Learning a new language, obviously wasn't enough of a challenge for Harrison, being in a foreign land wasn’t gonna cut it either, so the Lord had to get creative.  He is passing through what he needs to pass through. I know that is not comforting, but I promise you that, "this to shall pass."

Okay, so I usually have something beautiful planned to tell you all, but this week I had no no no time to think about what I would send home.  So basically vivaceta is the most opposite you can get from lampa.  We are talking city, there is not a cow in sight.  For the first few days I was just so sad, the only thing I could focus on was to keep from crying. Plus, I just felt like a disappointment to EVERYONE!  The sister who I replaced was a blond and with every person we visited all I heard was "What happened to Hna Ireland?"  I just felt like no body even cared to ask me who I was, how I was feeling.  Here I am, just wishing I was back in lampa, and then I find out, everyone else wished I was there too.  So it was a hard couple first days.

But, I never stay down for two long.  18 months is so short, so why should I waste it wishing I was somewhere else.  I remember when Amanda got changed from that one sector she loved, and she was so sad about it, but then the sector she got changed to ended up being one of her favorites.  So, when the members and investigators started talking about how much they missed Hermana Ireland, I would humble myself, and remember that in lampa there are a handful of members and investigators saying the same thing about Hermana Ostler.

In this sector we teach a ton!  Like just so so so so so so much!  We teach in 3 days what we taught for the whole week in lampa.  Obviously that had my spirits up, but the lessons are different.  No, we didn’t teach a lot in lampa, but the people we did teach were people who really wanted to listen.  Here, people are more likely to invite you in their house for a friendly conversation, or to learn about what the states are like.  So the quantity of our investigators shot through the roof.  But, I believe that the Lord will lead us to those who are prepared.  De hecho, my second day here we found a family that might be golden.  We have an appointment with them tomorrow, so I will keep you updated.

There are McDonalds in my new sector! BACAN!
Okay, my companion . . wow . . where did this girl come from?  She has no fear!  And she just works and works and works!  She had to lead the sector for a few days until I met everyone and got orientated.  But she is really amazing, and helped me make the transition between lampa to city. Her language skills are through the roof, like she sometimes will even use the subjunctive verb form, and a few times I heard her use imperfect past subjunctive.  WHAT?  I didn’t start using those forms until a few changes ago.  She is proof that every wave of missionaries that comes out is more and more prepared.

Man, she can sing!  Wow, she will like put harmony in the hymns we sing with the investigators, and it just invites the spirit like nothing else.  This maybe golden family we found, well, the dad was speechless after we sang I am a child of God.  The spirit was pretty strong.  It was awesome!  She preformed in the Navoo pageant last summer.  She quotes Shakespeare with me, so she’s pretty awesome.

Her last companion was pretty strict, I think.  I follow all the rules, but like dad has said, I do enjoy myself.  We have 20 min to rest each day if we want, and sometimes I take that twenty minutes.  On Wednesday, when a few of our citas fell through I said we should go by a completo and take a 10 minute break.  She was so excited that we were going to take our break.  A few of my past companions have told me that I have really helped them enjoy the work more, to laugh more in the streets, and to not be so serious.  I always make friends with the little shop owners and smell every rose I come across.

We live in an apartment building on the 20th floor . . .  umm TOTALLY AWESOME!! Also, our neighbor is a less active, and he is so funny!  From his balcony you can see the horse races.  Yes, in our sector there are horse races every Friday and sometimes Thursdays. When he is home we go watch the horse races after planning.  So, I am excited for that.

Our view
The ward is really struggling.  There are only about 40 or 50 members that come. There is so so so much we can do for this ward.  They haven’t had a convert baptism for almost a year.  Its sad.  Every man who holds the priesthood of Melchizedek has a calling, cause there are just no men in the ward.  The primary program was yesterday, and there were 6 children who participated . . SIX!!  It was sad.  So I went from Lampa, which was just an amazing branch, with over 150 active members, to vivaceta. But, my goal is to leave this ward better than how I found it.

Um . . . honestly, I don’t have much else to say.  We have a few investigators who are on track to be baptized, so, I will let you know how that all turns out.  Even though my heart still longs for lampa, after seeing the state of this ward, I know that I am supposed to be here.  This ward needs more than a few sisters who do 150 contacts every week, this ward needs life.  

Well, I love you all . . and hope life is good in Richland ..  enjoy the cold. . jajaja

con amor, 
Hermana Ostler
Districto en Lampa

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