Monday, December 16, 2013

I have learned not to question the spirit

Dear familia,
Thanks for the email . . always love them.  Honestly it feels like yesterday that I was siting at a computer typing to you.  So much happened this week, and it went by so fast!  My companion had phase 2 for all the new missionaries, and I had to go to compania for the morning to study for like 4 hours, it kinda sucked.  Then my comp was sick for about 2 days with stomach problems, but she is such a trooper and we went out and worked anyway.  Also, we had intercambios and I had to go to Quilicura with the hna lider.  But I learned a lot, mostly about doing contacts.  Also, I got to see Hna Peralta at the boarder of the sector cause she is in the other half of quilicura . . so that was fun.

Okay, my comp is just amazing!  She is on fire, I am learning so so so so so much from her, more than she will ever learn from me.  Here is a quick experience.

We are teaching a woman named Ma*, and her son who has asperberger, but honestly he is just the sweetest most sincere, and funniest person I know.  About a month ago they had a baptismal date, but didn’t answer the door for their interview and then didn’t show up at church the day of their baptism.

When I showed up to the sector, Hermana Morley didn’t know what to do with them, cause they weren’t progressing.  After a few lessons with them, basically teaching the same thing over and over again, I decided we should drop them for awhile.

So we went to their house on Wednesday to drop them.  We started with telling Hermana Ma* that she is an example to her son and that she needs to come to church.  Then we continued with explaining our purpose as missionaries to invite people to come unto Christ through baptism.  As I was talking, I tried to form in my head the words I needed to tell them that we wouldn’t be passing by to visit them anymore, but I couldn’t seem to find them.  So I ended what I was saying to let Herman Morley talk.  She started out a little slow, but then started talking about the importance of baptism, and how much we, as missionaries, wanted them to receive that blessing.

While she was talking the thought came to my head that we should invite them to be baptized for 29 of December . .. what? But, the spirit was very strong in the room, and I have learned not to question the spirit.

I was preparing myself to make the invitation after Hermana Morley finished talking, but the spirit must have been talking to both of us, and Hermana Morley said "Hna Ma*, segira el exemplo de jesucristo y sera bautizado en la fecha 29 de deciembre?"

There was a moment of silence, then Herman Ma* said "Si."

I helped her recognize the spirit in the room that was so strong it almost had me in tears. Then I told the son to commit his mom to come to church with him this Sunday.  It took a little pushing, but he is a natural, and she eventually accepted.

Hermana Morley is amazing and her ability to invite the spirit never ceases to astound me.

Also, this week, well yesterday I had to give a talk in church.  Do you want to know when I found out that I was going to give a talk? During the opening song!  The first counselor caught my eye and mouthed the word "Discuros."  Yeah . . . wasn’t prepared to that.  My talk was a bit disorganized, but in the end I think it came out good for practically zero preparation.

This week we have also been inviting everyone to be baptized.  We have 6 with fecha.  An* and C* have some serious potential.  In fact, An* is just on fire, the only problem is that he is going to move!  We are so devastated cause he could really be a strength for the ward.  C*, also is great, he is just a little anti social, so it is hard to find friends for him in the ward.

As far as Christmas goes, we have district class at 11 and we are hoping to finish at 1, and are thinking that we will skpye at around 2ish our time.  I don’t know Harrison’s schedule, but I only have 45 minutes to skpye, talking to him would be great, but if it is not possible, well, I guess I will just have to wait for next Christmas.

I got the Christmas package, the tree I have tired to tape up about 4 times but it always falls cause its so heavy . .jajaja. . . but I love it!  But we have a little fake tree in the house, and my comp and I have now both received presents to put under it.  We are going to open them on the 24th at night like the Chileans.  Also, I have received one green envelope that is also under the tree.

The absolute best part of my week was yesterday, when we got to go to the Christmas presentation at the temple.  The rules are that you can go if you take an investigator.  Well, we were planning on going with an investigator with a car.  We were going to get their early and find good seats and everything.  But, as we were walking to her house, she called us and flaked out!  I was so upset. Cause I really wanted to go.  But, Hermana Morley pulled out the phone and started calling ALL our investigators, while I was doing contacts.

Me & Hermana Morley at the temple with our investigator
Turns out one of our investigators who is moving next week could come, she is totally going to get baptized in her new ward.  But she doesn’t have a car, so we had to take the subway and got there later then planned, so we didn’t get to sit down, but we had to go around the back to stand in the field.  There were a ton of people and trees blocking the stage, so we couldn’t see well, but they had it projected, so that was good.  But, in the end, it was way better to be in the back, cause I got to talk to my x-companions and there were ward members from lampa who totally attacked me when they saw me.

But the best part was finding Hermana Lima, cause guess who she brought to the presentation?  HNA CA*!  I almost cried when I saw her, and she just hugged me and hugged me and wouldn’t let go.  It was great!  She got baptized and confirmed.  I knew it right when I saw her, cause there is a light about her now.  Wow, it was just so so so great to see her.  My comp also got to see a bunch of her MTC friends who went to the south mission.

Me and Hermana Lima with Ca*
There is definelty a difference in this woman,
I noted it the moment I saw her.
She has the holy ghost.
Oh yeah, and David Archuleta was there, and I met his son (an elder he trained).  That was pretty cool.  We had to leave early so that we could catch the subway before it closed, and we almost didn’t make it . . jajaja . . that would have been fun . . NOT!

So it was a good week.  I just love Chile so much.  I never ever want to leave.  Like ever!  I completed my 10 months in the mission . .  what?  Where did time go?  I love you all, but I really don’t want to come home.

Hope all is well, awesome that David got is call!  Love you all!

Hermana Ostler

I get to wear tennis shoes casue my left foot has been swelling really bad and cause
me to limp which then caused blisters.  So I have permish to wear tennis shoes until I get better.

Hermana Essig thinks that I bruised my foot or something.  We'll see.

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