Monday, October 28, 2013

I felt we should talk to her, but didn't! Stupid!

Dear Familia,
Well, yes, there were changes and I am no longer in Lampa, so I don't know what is going on with Hermana Car*.  I am so sad.  Even though Lampa was so hard, I miss it more than any sector.  I am in Ranca, and I don’t really love it yet.  I want to go back to Lampa!  But the Lord has called me here for a reason and . . . ..  JK I’m still in Lampa with Hermana Lima!  jajajaja . . . got you!

We were so happy when our district leader called us to tell us that we were staying together in Lampa.  I love my companion.  I know I don’t talk about her a lot, but that is because there are no problems EVER!  Well, there are always the little things, but I have never gotten along with someone so well.  I usually don’t write about her because I have so much other stuff to say.

Larapinta is the name of our sector
Yeah, Ben sent me an email and told me almost the same thing. I remember writing that letter.  I thought, hey, I’m going to write Ben.  I started writing the letter and I had really nothing to say to him.  But then I started talking about the atonement and Christ and the words just flowed from my pen and thoughts came to my head faster then I could think them.  That is a sign that it is from the holy ghost, so I knew that Ben needed to hear it.  I sent you guys something very similar to what I wrote to him.  I loved it so much cause it was straight up inspiration.  It was the email from about 2 weeks ago that had a lot of scriptural references.  I am honestly so surprised that it touched him so much, and that it got to him so fast.  

Wow, that kid is am amazing writer!  We need to write a book together!  

So we had an okay week.  These past few days were pretty rough.  We've been in the streets, knocking doors for about 4 days straight now with little luck.  But the Lord blesses us for our efforts.  On Thursday we were knocking a street that we knocked at the beginning of last transfer (cause we have almost knocked every door in our sector) and out of about 50 houses, 10 people came out, and every one of them slammed the door in our face.  But we tried to laugh about it and keep our heads up.  It was hard though.

Then we came to the last door, a door we had already knocked and talked to the person who lives there.  A young mother who never has time, but is very amiable.  I told Hermana Lima that we should go find another street to knock, cause this woman wouldn’t have time.  But Hermana Lima said, it doesn't hurt to try.  So we knocked the door, and she came out with her one year old son.  We conversed for about 7 minutes, and I could tell that she didn't have much time.  Hermana Lima asked if we could share a message with her.  She didn’t answer.  She kept talking about her son, and just random stuff.  I felt that we should ask again if we could share a message with her.  Then I thought, that is so dumb. She obviously doesn't want to share with us.  I felt about three times that I should ask again, until I finally realized that it was God talking to me.  So I asked "Podemos compartir un mensaje con usted ahora?"  She paused for a moment, then said "Espera me."  She went into the house for about 2 minutes then came back our with the keys and let us in!  As we talked with her we realized that she doesn’t have a very strong belief in God.  Before her son was born she didn't believe in God at all because of all the terrible things happening in the world.  But after her son was born, she knew that there had to be something.  So we taught her about who God is. It was a good lesson.

Also this week, we found Iy*.  God literally put her in our path.  We were walking down a street and passed a woman.  I felt we should talk to her, but didn't!  Stupid!  Then, after she entered her house she came back out and said "Hey, chicias!  Vengan!"  We went over to talk to her and she said that she is a Mormon, but inactive, and that she wants us to come visit her, her son and her daughter in law.  We took out an appointment with her for the next day, which is when we met Iy*, her daughter in law.  Iy* recently had a baby, and doesn't know anything about God.  She is from the south and very very humble.  All her family except her mom and grandma dies in the earthquake about 20 years ago.  The only thing that she knows about God is that he created the earth, which isn't even true cause Jesus created the earth.  So that was an interesting lesson.

We have an appointment to see her today, and this time he are prepared.  We have a lesson plan to teach her who God is.  We were looking for a picture of God, but all we could find was pictures of Jesus.  The only picture he have of God is of the first vision.  But that also has Joseph Smith.  We thought that going into Joseph Smith would just confuse her beyond confusion, so we decided that we needed to cover Joseph Smith.  We looked around for a minute, then I took a post it note and stuck it over Joseph.  Oh you would have had to been there but it was so so so so so funny!

But, those are our two stories of success for the week.  But, like I said, we tried to have fun. On Friday after we had spent all day knocking doors and doing contacts we decided to buy ice cream from a street vendor before our lesson with Hermano Lu*.  As we were eating the ice cream we were talking about D&C when God gave the commandment to use water instead of wine for the santa cena.  Then, Hermana Lima said the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. She said "Some people think that God is perfect . . . well, God is perfect." Oh my gosh we laughed for 5 minutes straight and our ice cream melted!  Sometimes Hermana Lima says stuff that she doesn't quite think through.  It is the most entertaining thing ever!  I write them all down on post its and stick them in my agenda.

But, I am doing good.  Suffering from the heat and from the hard hearts of the people.  But good.  Sorry, I don't have any analogies for you all this time.  But I will come up with a good one for next week.  I am on the brink of developing a good one.
Love you all, and hope all is well!

Con Amor,
Hermana Ostler

ps.please send chap stick with SPF, I haven't seen any here and my lips are dying!
pps.  No mater what you say, or Ben, I still don't feel THAT amazing.  I’m just normal.  A normal missionary doing what every other missionary does.

Our District

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