Monday, September 30, 2013


Ostler Lawn & Garden new & improved

Wow, dad . .  amazing!!!  Congrats on the calling!  That's amazing!

So this week was better than the last.  Taught more lessons and found two new investigators that have potential to progress.  We visited Car* . . . well, Hna Lima visited her, I was in Ranca doing exchanges . . . lame!  But Hna Lima said that she really missed me and that she was interested in coming to church, but in the end didn't come.  She is really progressing and loves it when we visit her.  We have an appointment tonight.

Okay, mom you don't need to worry about Hermano Lu*, he is harmless.  In fact, I have a story for you.

So on Tuesday we were in a lesson with Car*, and the cell rang.  I cut the call so we could continue with the lesson, but I immediately had a feeling that it was something important. When we got out of the lesson I saw that it was Hermano Lu* who had called us.  He also calls us to ask when we will come visit him, but I had a feeling this was something different. So I called him back.  He answered and then teased me for a few minutes about not answering his call and how we had forgotten about him.

Then he cut right to it.  He said, "So, I was reading the Book of Mormon, and I came across a verse that said we need to be born again to be saved."
And I said, "Yes, that's true."
Then he said, "Well, how are you born again?"
I said, "Through baptism."
And he said, "Yes, I know."
Then there was a pause, and I said, "Hermano Lu*, Do you want to be baptized?"
And he said, "Yes, I want to be baptized.  I want to be born again and be saved."


Hermano Lu* has truly changed his life.  It took two years, but he stopped drinking, he stopped smoking, and just before I got to the sector he started coming to church.  After I hung up the phone I was freaking out!  I wanted to sing and dance and run around in circles!  That night we surprised him by showing up at his house.  As we were on our way I felt like I was on my way to answering a prayer.  When we got there he was so happy to see us, and said that he had been praying we would find time to come see him so that we could share in his joy.  He told us how the night before he couldn't sleep, and all the things that we had taught him kept coming to his mind.  So he took out his BOM and started reading.  He opened to Alma 7, and read about being born again, and had a strong desire to be baptized.  He thought about it all day, and then when he took the decision he called us! Oh, I just couldn't stop smiling!

So that is the big news of the week. He will be baptized on 20 de ovctober!

I got sick this week from somehting I ate.  It just didn't fall well with me, so at 4 AM Thursday, I threw it up.  That was fun . . not!  But I'm all good now.  Also, last Monday I finished reading the book of mormon in spanish!  I never thought that would happen . . . now I started reading it again!  I just love the book of mormon!

I love the mission, even though it is hard, and there are still days that I don't want to knock doors anymore . .. like yesterday.  But then you have moments when your investigator calls you and tells you he wants to be baptized.  Its just incrediblle!

Also, I got a new bike!  I named my bike Lu* . . hehehe.  Sometimes it makes a weird ticking noise, but I checked, and its not a pìpe bomb.  Its a little hard of steering and I almost crashed once.  Also, when you are starting out it is hard to petal.  You got to give it about 8 good pumps before it starts going.  But once you get goping you just fly!  I love it!

I guess that is kinda like the mission.  In the beginning it is hard.  You have got to give it all you got, and with each step, each pump, your legs burn, and you can't see yourself finishing.  But, a while you pick up the speed and it gets easier.  Then you start flying and you don't want to stop.  Its amazing!  I love it!

Also, I am so good at riding a bike.  Like honestly, I can ride a bike in a pencil skirt . . . straight up skill.  Also, I ride on the bumpy Chilean roads with one hand on the steering, and the other holding my skirt down . . . jajaja.

Thanks for the letters familia!  Loved them!  Also, dad, most people here are from Manassa, and the rest from Ephram.  But I've heard some weird ones like benjamin and Juda!  RADO!  For mutual . . . well its not as organized as the states, but it is basically the same idea.  The YM usualy play soccer, and the YW do some cute crafty activity . ..  so its the same . . . jajaja!

Well, I love you all, and could probably say a ton more, but this keyboard is really hard to type on!  Have an amazing week.

Con Amor,
Hermana Oslter

Ps. Dad, I think the regular RM will have to do, cause I don't what to marry an old man.  Oh our Branch presidnet said the coolest/funniest thing in church. He taught a lesson about the law of chastity and told the men this "Men, your wife is your queen.  She is your queen. Love her like a queen.  The women here are better than us cause they don't need the priesthood to get to heaven.  We do.  Always remember that she is your queen.  And women, your husband . .. (pause) . . . well, at best he is another son.  But take care of him and be patient with him cause he needs you."  It was so funny!  We all cracked up casue we thought he was going to say somehting amazing about the men cause he just went on and on about the women.

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