Monday, August 12, 2013

They think I'm from Chile, until I talk . . . jajajajaja

Hey, guess what? It's raining and I'm in Chile!!!  How great is that?  It's so good to hear that Harrison is doing great!  I knew he would love the mtc. I hated it, but then again I didn't really like efy either. But Harrison is the type of person to like stuff like that!  He will be an amazing missionary!!

So this week was okay.  On Wednesday we got a surprise call from the office telling us that Hermana Peralta had to go to Santiago the next day to do her paper work to receive her carnet.  Which means I had to go to Los Andes (center) and be companions with Hermana Waters for a day.  So that was fun!   . . . not!

We basically lost two days of work, cause after we received the call we called president to ask if we could go home to do our weekly planning instead of waiting until tomorrow, cause we wouldn't be together.  It was pouring rain that day, so the work was going really slow anyway.  President said that would be fine, so on Wednesday we only worked for about 3 hours in the night.  Then Hermana Peralta and all the other missionaries going to Santiago the next day missed their bus, so that was a big drama.

I spent the day in Los Andes with Hermana Waters.  Hermana Peralta and I didn't get back to our sector until 7 Thursday night, just in time for te noche de hogar we had planned with the other missionaries.  But because we weren't in our sector working that day we didn't have time to pass by the houses of our investigators to take them or remind them about the noche de hogar.  There were only 2 investigators from the elders who came.  But we had fun none the less.  I learned an awesome new game, and my fame of being a baker has officially been declared here in San Felipe.  I had made banana bread for the noche de hogar, and I might be making another wedding cake if the elders can convince their investigators to get married before the end of the year.

So losing those two days was pretty hard, but we also had some great moments.  So remember J*?  The man we found after we were obedient?  Well, this week we went back and met his wife, Ay*.  Oh, she is super great!  Just amazing!  Basically we sat down in her house and started asking her about her religious beliefs. Then she went off about how they were catholics but now hated the catholic church, and how the catholic church just wanted their money, and they wanted to baptize their daughter, but they didn't believe that their daughter had sins cause she was just a girl!  I could tell Hermana Peralta just wanted to jump in on her, but I knew we had to go slow, and start with the first lesson if she was going to understand anything.

The lesson that we taught was the best I have ever taught in my mission!  We talked about the authority of God, and how it was lost from the earth, then we talked about the new scriptures God has revealed through modern prophets and how in these scriptures is the fullness of the gospel.  We ended with sharing Moroni 8 about infant baptism, and Ay* LOVED IT!!  She understood everything, and just ate it up!!  This family is definitely prepared. We felt the spirit so strong while we were teaching. It was amazing!  Our only problem is that it is so hard to find them in their house.  They are like never home!  But I really really hope that they get baptized!

Also, an investigator that Hermana Peralta and Hermana Waters had been teaching before I got here came back.  She had been visiting her sons for like 2 weeks, and she came back this week!  Wow, she is so amazing. She is like 66 years old, but she understands everything.  She always reads what we assign her, and she came to church yesterday!  She had fecha por 25 de agosto!

We also had Fe* in church.  Her story is kinda long, but I will try to cut it down.  She is 12, and her parents are members, but inactive so she was never baptised. She was going to be baptised about 5 years ago with her older brother when the missionaries were working to reactivate the family. Her brother was baptised before her, and she would be baptised the following week, the same day that he was confirmed, but within that week he was murdered.  Yeah, crazy, I KNOW! After that Fe* went through major depression, and started eating a lot. She no longer had a desire to be baptized, and her family never reactivated in the church.  Now, five years later, we are working with the family.

Her older sister hates us and never lets us in, but her parents know that they all need to return to the church, but they are a bit lazy in doing so.  It has been super hard to teach Fe* with her sister always in the house, and I think she still is suffering from what happened with her brother.  But, yesterday we ran into her like three times in the street, and we invited her to church, but since she is only 12 we can't pass by to pick her up.  So we made her set her alarm and promise she would come.  Then we asked a member who lives close by to call her Sunday morning and then pass by and bring her to church.  But, sacrament meeting passed and neither the member or Fe* showed up.  Bummer!!  Then, as we were about to enter into he gospel principles class, Fe* and her mom enter the chapel!  What!!  Her mom couldn't stay, but she said that Fe* had woken up at 9 and gotten ready for church, and when the member didn't show up to pick her up she had pestered her mom to take her to church because she had promised the missionaries (us) that she would come!  So her mom took her to church, and said that from now on the family, or at least Fe* and her would be coming to church, and that Fe* really wanted to be baptized!!

So, though it was kinda an odd week, with the intercambios and stuff, we really did see the hand of the Lord in the work.  Every day I love the mission more, I love Chile more, and I love the people more.  At the beginning of every new change, in district class, we always have to introduce ourselves, where we are from and our favorite thing about Chile.  I used to say my favorite thing was the mountains, or the bread, or the empenadas, depending on my mood.  But now I can say my favorite thing about Chile is CHILE!!

Whenever we talked to people in the street they always think that I am from Chile (until I talk  . . jajaja)  I guess I have a Chilean face.  So now when people ask me where I am from I say Chile, like as a joke, then I say the US, but I tell them that Chile is in my heart, and OH IT IS!!  I love this country.  It is so so so beautiful!  At night, when the sun is sitting on top of the mountains, they sky is painted with the most vibrant pinks and blues.  It's like a swirl of cotton candy, and after the sun has set behind the mountains, but still isn't all the way gone, the mountains look like a dark shadow against the sky.  It takes my breath away ever time!!  The world we live in is so beautiful.  And to answer your question, yes I can see the mountains.  I am surrounded by them, and they are huge!!  I love it here! Just love it!!

I have thought a lot about my time in Simon Bolivar, and it was super hard.  My situation here in San Felipe has changed, but in the end the mission is the same.  It's still hard.  There are still days that I really don't want to do the work, or that I am tired, but I am happier.  I have tried to figure out why, and I can't.  For once, I am metaphoreless . . sorry dad.  I have some theories, but until I am sure about them I will keep them to myself, maybe until after the mission, cause they are a little hard to explain.

Well, that's all I really got for you!  So to answer your questions.  On Pday we do study in the morning, then do email and compras, then eat then go back to the apartment and rest . .. well that's what Hermana Leyva and I did, but with Hermana Peralta we have fun plans!! Today we are going to llay llay to make bread with the other sisters in our district.  Next week we are going to Santiago, partly because I lost my carnet and I have to go get another copy, but we are going to take advantage of our time there.

I usually don't print my emails unless I really liked them, and want to read it again, or if I don't have time to read it all during our email time.  There are 9 missionaries in our ward, we are the only sisters, and Hermana Peralta told me that I have to be careful with all the goodies I make or else all the elders will fall in love with me .  . jajaja.  We shop at a super market, it's kinda like America but with different stuff!  Like they don't sell chicken broth!! Umm, I don't remember the other questions.  Oh yeah, I got the package with shoes in it . . thanks!!  Love it and all the letters from home. Thanks Jackson and Katie for writing me, and Harrison for the muffins and chubs for the chocolate. You guys really are the best like ever!!  Love you all! 
Con amor, 
Hermana Ostler  
Yum!!!  empenadas!! These are famous here in san felipe!  And for a reason!  Hermana Peralta had started a bad habit for us.  Not every night, but maybe 2 or 3 times a week, we buy empenadas on the street corner. Not these empenadas, they are smaller, but still so so good!!
Horses that were just roaming the streets

My companion, she hates horses

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