Monday, May 20, 2013

It's going to be the greatest day of my mission


We learned how to make sopapillas
Wow!  Jackson is like married!  That is so so so so so weird to think about!  Saturday I was just thinking about him and Katie all day.  It wasn't the easiest day for me.  But other than that, and just being kinda sad Saturday and Sunday, I am doing great!  Hna Leyva and I have decided to focus our effort in a different part of our sector, and as we look back we see that the Lord was directing us in this decision.  But, we have almost no investigators in our new sector of focus.  So it was a long week of knocking doors, looking for menos activos or part member families, and asking for references.  During the week we kept praying to find that one family, that one person who was waiting for us in our new sector, but at the end of the day we came up empty.  But we never lost the animo or the faith, and the next day we went out and did it again.  Then yesterday, as we were saying goodbye to our solid investigator, P**, we asked her if she knew anyone who would like to listen to our message and change their life like she was doing.  She then gave us 8 references!  We didn't have time to contact them last night, but we will tonight, and we hope behind one of those doors there is someone who has been praying for us.

But, P**, and now her son D**, are both getting baptized on Sunday!  It's going to be the greatest day of my mission!  Hna Leyva and I found P**, I think I already told you that story.  And we are her missionaries.  She is as gold as they get when it comes to investigators.  She doesn't have a single duda!  She just believes everything and wants to get baptized so bad!  Last night we had a noche de hogar with her and with some members.  We taught about tithing, and we were sure this would be her weak point . ..  but it wasn't!  She said that she didn't need the blessings for serving others, or for serving God, but that she would do it for love!  We kept telling her how special she is, and how prepared she is, and how we have never taught anyone like her.  Then she said "You guys always say that I am special, but en verdad, you two are the special ones.  The church is full of people because of you.  I only accepted this message because of you."

30 years from now, Hna P** will get up in fast and testimony meeting, and she will tell her story.  She will tell the congregation how she came home late one night to find three hermanas with black nametages sitting on her couch, waiting for her, and holding the answer to all her questions.  Then she will talk about Hermana Leyva who taught with such clarity, and power.  Then she will talk about Hermana Ostler who struggled with the language, but who always listened, and when she spoke, it wasn't her words, it was the spirit testifying that this message is true.  P**, and her son D** are just so special to us.  They are changing their lives.  They are coming unto Christ.  This work truly is beautiful.  Someday, in heaven, I will see P** with all her posterity, and I will know they are there because on that night that we were heading home, we decided to talk to one more person.  We decided to open our mouths so that the Lord could fill them, and we could reach out a hand to help bring one more daughter and son home.

On Friday and Saturday we did interchanges.  Hna Leyva left with our sister zone leader for 24 hours, and I stayed here with a missionary from Peru who has only been in the field for 1 and a half weeks!  It was an interesting experience.  She doesn't speak any English.  It was a lot of responsibility to lead the sector without my companion.  But we did good.

We taught M**, the wife of R**, and it was great!  She told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it!  So we have a potential progressing investigator.  But I was really happy/relieved when Hermana Leyva came back.  I got a taste of what training is like, and it's really stressful!  But I also got to see how far I have come since that first week!  This poor sister just doesn't get what the mission is about yet.  I remember when I was like that.

On Saturday night we got caught in a down pour!  For the 15 minutes that it rained we were out in it, and we got soaked!  But it was funny.  We laughed about it, cause what can you do.  I can just picture us running through the streets in our skirts and stockings, trying to shield ourselves from the rain.

It's not my fault if the elders fall in love with me -
It's the food that I always feed them!
As far as Spanish . ..  its coming.  Poco a Poco I am getting less frustrated.  I basically understand everything, and I can talk about the gospel.  Talking in past tense is still hard for me, and conjugating verbs makes my head hurt by the end of the day.  Oh, during one lesson, the investigator asked why the 12 original apostles didn't give their authority to others before they died.  I tried to explain that it was because they were murdered before they got the chance, but I think I accidentally said that they murdered people.  Jajaja . . . just the misplacement of one word can give your sentence a whole new meaning.

Also dad, you can't publish my words, cause that is called copyright, and I was already planning on doing it!  JAJAJA.  But I'm happy you like all my metaphors, that is just how my mind works. I don't have a good one for you today, but I´ll think of one for next week.

Now for the business part.  I NEED GOOD SHOES!

This is why I need good shoes. I'm falling apart!
I didn't get any packages this week, but I did get a wonderful letter from Harrison that had me laughing out loud!  Back to the shoes.  I don't think I want Merrill's, they are just a little tight on my foot. As far as the cold, as of now I am fine, but as it gets colder I´ll have to ask the office for more blankets.

Also, you still haven't sent the cinnamon roll recipe!  Jajaja, I didn't think you would with the wedding and all, but if you find a second to remember me, I would love the recipe for those . . . jajaja. 

Well, I love you all so much!  Have fun with the crazy summer you have planned!

Con Amor,
Hermana Ostler
PS.  Thanks Grandpa Skinner for the letter!  It really helped!  Oh, and Amy!  Loved hearing about Hawaii!  Oh I miss that place!

We had sushi last week . . . yum!

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