Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm in Chile!

familia!  Hey, guess what? I'm in Chile! There were 8 of us who arrived from Provo. It's so funny to see all the missionaries in the beginning class. They were people deprived and so eager to use their developing Spanish skills. There are 20 other missionaries who arrived today from the Chile MTC. It was so sad saying goodbye to my companion at the airport.

The mission president, his wife and the AP's  met us right out of customs. Then President Essig interviewed us as we waited for the 2nd group of missionaries to arrive. We're all pretty exhausted so it hasn't really sunk in that we're in Chile. It reminds me a lot of Mexico but so much cleaner. We still haven't met our trainers but we should all be in our areas by tonight.

This really doesn't feel real. The last flight was so long but we landed in a sunny Chile. They are still in the midst of summer here and it feels so good. It's not as humid as Hawaii, but a far cry from the dry, dry Utah.

I'm sorry I couldn't talk to all of you, but I couldn't see my companion and I'm really trying to be exactly obedient. A lot of missionaries on the plane were listening to music using the provided headphones, and it made me sad that they thought they were excused from a rule because we were traveling.

Hmm, what else? The only thing I want right now is to take a shower! I feel so gross! The President said that this mission is pretty poor. And I haven't seen any gross dogs yet Jackson. The toilets really do flush backwards. There are no cars in the mission so it's just walking! I'm excited to get into things. To get past the first week. I'm nervous to meet my trainer, and I'm ready to drop dead of exhaustion.

Sorry this letter isn't so good, my brain is not working so great right now. We'll, I love you all, and I'll email in a week!

Always, Hermana Ostler

The above letter is a handwritten letter we received the day she arrived in Chile. It was scanned and emailed to us by the mission office.

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