Monday, April 7, 2014

God had a different calling in store for me

Dear family,
Well, mom, you were right . . well a little . . Hermana Peralta did leave, but so did I. We both got transferred . . crazy stuff.  And guess who is coming to replace me in Vivaceta? Hermana Lima!  What?  There are not better hands that I could leave my sector in.

But I am sure you are dying to know where I am at?  I'll give you one guess and the first one doesn't count.    Yep . . . LOS ANDES!  Third times a charm.  I am going to a sector called llay llay, which means wind wind. Right now I am waiting for my companions to arrive, and I am in san felipe.  Yep, you read the s right on the word companion.  I am going to be in a trio, and president has called me to be a sister training leader.  This was honestly the last thing that I expected.  I will be traveling a lot this change and doing a lot of intercambios with the sisters in my group. It should be fun.

My awesome district in Vivaceta
Good Times
But, dad, you nailed it. It tore my heart out to leave Vivaceta.  We found out about the changes between the conferences on Sunday, and when we told the family Gonzalez (Basically they are my Chilean family) The oldest daughter started to cry, and the two younger daughters both grabbed ahold of me and wouldn’t let go.  My tears joined theirs, and I honestly felt like I was saying goodbye to my family all over again.

This is my Chilean family.
I am going to miss them so much.
After conference, we went around our sector to say goodbye to members, and investigators.  I held it together well until we went to Al* and M*'s house.  I think I might have cried harder than I did when I left Lampa. Changes are so hard. But, at the same time that my heart was breaking, I felt peace.  I’ve knocked every door in Vivaceta at least 2 times, it was time for me to leave.  I know you may think that Lampa was hard for me, but in the end, Vivaceta was harder.  Every sector I go to seems to be laced with even more challenges than the last one.  But, I will be like nefi and go and do.

I will be in a district with basically all sisters.  There are a lot of new sisters coming in this change, and I thought that I would be training again, but I guess God had a different calling in store for me.

I am super excited to be back out here in the country, its going to be fun.  I will be with two Peruvians.  Me and the Hermana Aroyas will be the sister leaders, and our third companion will be learning from us.  Basically I will be doing about 3 intercambios a week, and Hermana Aroyas will stay in the sector with our other companion. That's how it works.  I’m excited to be doing something a little different, but I will also miss having my sector.  So that is the news about changes.

GC was amazing!  My favorite sessions were the general woman's session (which was rebroadcasted her Saturday morning) and Sunday morning session.  Honestly, conference is the best thing for a missionary.  We watched it in Spanish, and the familia cruz came!  It was great!  I would pick a favorite talk, but I can’t, cause they were all so good! I was almost brought to tears like 5 times.  Wow can you even believe that there is a prophet on the earth and that he just talked to us?  Its still blowing my mind!

About the earth quake, we were teaching a lesson when it happened, and our investigators turned on the news.  Everyone was a little nervous about what would happen in Santiago, but in the end nothing happened.  I did check my emergency bag, to make sure it had food and stuff.  We have been having a few earth shakes these past few days as an after effect.  One of them lasted like 30 seconds, and it was pretty strong. I thought we were gonna die cause it just kept shaking besides that we live on the 20th floor.  But, we are all fine here. No one called us, cause in the end nothing happened.

The last package I received was the one with the hymn book.  And I got a letter from Jefferson this week . .  thanks!

Okay, so I really don’t know what else to say.  I don’t remember much of the week.  We found some great people, and I am sad that I won’t get to see them progress, but I know that Hermana Lima is going to take good care of my sector.  We went to sleep at 3am last night, cause we both had to pack, and clean, and leave all the information that Hermana Lima would need to replace us.  So, I am tired.  But, I think that this will be a good change.  I think that I am going to learn lots from working with the other sisters.

Sorry for the short email, I really don’t know what to say.  I am very overwhelmed with the changes and stuff.  I love you all, and I pray for you often.
con amor, Hermana Ostler

Ps. while in the office I saw Hermana Morley.  She is in Lampa right now and she showed me a picture of their recent baptism. Guess who baptized her investigator?  Yep, Hermano Lu*! When I saw the photo I cried.  I was so overcome with joy.

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