Monday, January 13, 2014

I felt the heavy weight of Vivaceta on my shoulders in a literal sense


Okay, and I am back with the news of cambios!  Aren’t you just dying to know what happened?  Well, I’m sure the boys couldn't care, but mom, I know you are just on your toes waiting! So.... whats gonna happen... I think I will hide it somewhere in my email... so keep reading!

So, the semana was good!  About our 5 in church last week, well ..  two of them got baptized!  Ma* & her son!  We did exactly what dad said we should.  We brought a sister to ALL our lessons this week and it really helped her feel comfortable and progress.  Instead of shrinking at the topic of baptism, she began to rejoice at the thought.  We saw a huge change in her over the week.  And her son is just awesome like always.

The member that helped us
So, Friday was their interview, and we had an inter transfer, which ended up being really complicated cause our sister leader didn’t tell us about it until the night before, and we already had plans to go to the registro civil in the morning to renew my visa, plus we had a ward activity to plan that would be taking place the next day, and the interview.  Bad day to be separated from your companion.  But we worked it out, and our sister leader ended up coming to our sector to work with us. So we were a three sum that day.  It was great having her here though, she really helped some of our investigators that just haven't been progressing.

Okay, about the interview.  So, Ma* is incredibly shy and has trouble with memory.  We have taught her the charlas I don't know how many times, but she still forgets a few things. She has a great heart, and the desire to be baptized, she just can’t remember the name of the current day prophet!  So while we were walking to the house with our district leader, I was explaining the situation, how she is shy and her son has Aspergers.  During the interviews I was praying that everything would go well.  Ma* went first, and came back just happy happy happy!  Yay, she passed.  Few!  Now its A*'s turn.  Piece of cake he knows the charlas mejor que yo! Well, after about 15 minutes, my district leader called me back into the room to talk with him and A*. . . . . .

So I was a little heart broken, cause the elder said we had to change the date. . duh!  But with the changes coming up, I didn't know if Hermana Morley and I would be together for the baptism and we just worked so hard with this family it would have been devastating.  So we come back into the room, and Hermana Morley had over heard.  She looked close to tears.  This would have been her first baptism.  It was a little awkward as the Elder waited for me to say something.  I started explaining.  That throws a twist on things.

So all of the 5 missionaries that were there started discussing the situation and what was to be done.  Our district leader decided to leave that up to president.  One short call from president later, and we had the okay to baptize them!  YAY!!!!  BEST MOMENT EVER!

The baptismal service as beautiful.  Hermana Morley sang, I cried when he was baptized, and the ward was so happy!  They are precious to God.  It was a great way to end the change.

On Saturday Hermana Morley and I put on a ward activity we had been planning the whole change. A competencia de postres!  Basically you bring a dessert, and present it, then the judges go into a room with all the desserts while the rest of us fill our plates and check off on our sugar supply for the year!  Well, on Saturday I was so nervous that no one would show up with a dessert.  The ward is small and there were a lot of people gone.  We called all the sisters who had signed up to bring something, but we only could confirm three desserts.  So, I spent the afternoon making Jackie's Black bottom cup cakes, while trying to plan a baptism, and a back up activity.  I remember there was a point when I was filling out the baptism registro, and I smelt my cupcakes burning.  So I drop my pen, run into the kitchen and take them out.  Then as I filled the pan for a new batch, I spilled batter all over, while at the same time Hermana Morley was asking me what games we could play if the activity fell through. As the cupcake batter streamed down my arms,and tears gathered in my eyes, I felt the heavy weight of Vivaceta on my shoulders in a literal sense.  I was drowning in my own cupcake batter and we had just run out of paper towels.  How could I come back up?

I said a prayer.

The weight wasn’t instantly taken from me, but over the course of ten minutes, Jesus Christ lightened my load, and I was able to come back up and breath.

But the Milagros don’t stop there.  The activity ended up being a success.  We started an hour late (chilean time combined with mormon time).  But we had about 10 sisters bring postres, and we ate them all!  The 40 or so people who came.  Everyone who was there enjoyed it.  It was one of the best ward activities I have ever been to.

The little things that matter to us, matter to the Lord.  He is so willing to take our load, and sometimes all we have to do is ask.

So, the change ended well, the only sad part is the Hermana Morley is leaving!  Yep, I am staying in Vivaceta, which I am happy about, but I am so sad to say goodbye to Hermana Morley.  We enjoyed every second of the change, the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet.

So what is going to happen to me?  Who is coming to Vivaceta?  Well, mom, I don't know how . . but you nailed it!  I will be training again, a sister who I will meet tomorrow and she will be a native cause there are only three sisters arriving to the mission: one from chile, one from brazil, and one from peru.  If I had a choose, I'd choose chile!  It’s about time I had a chilean companion!  I’m super excited to speak Spanish all the time again!  But, of course I am also nervous.  But hey, I am never alone, I know that I won’t be training alone, cause the Lord is always with me.

Saying goodbye to Hermana Morley was sad.  We went to see Ma* & her son in the night, and it turned into a crying party.  I was crying, Hermana Morley was crying, Ma* was crying.  She wouldn't let go of Hermana Morleys hand.  It was sad.  But, changes are necessary.  We change and grow as we interact with new people.

I really wasn’t expecting this change, but I am excited for it.  Wish me luck ..  but more importantly . . .pray for me!

I love you all, and I hope life in Richland is treating you well!

Hna Ostler

Ps. I miss you too mom!

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